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When it comes to online trading, the big boys of Wall Street win when the little traders like you and I lose. In futures or equities trading, all your trades are sent to the exchange and matched with other buyers or sellers. In forex trading, this is even worse. Your broker can choose to trade against you. This is known as B booking. Some other brokers send all your trades to the real market or their liquidity providers, which is known as A Booking. However even with the A book brokers, ultimately we are all “B Booked” at the end by the banks.

So what’s an Invest Diva to do, going head to head with the boys of Wall Street?

Get ready as I share with you the biggest secrets to ethically put money in your pocket directly (or indirectly) from the banks.
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“Kiana, I’m just writing to tell you how much I value your book. I’m a single mother and you have inspired me in so many ways, your book as well as your coffee break courses, are well written and highly educational. I love knowing how to trade currencies and keeping up with world news. I’m having fun while making some supplemental income. It’s very empowering."
I have followed Invest Diva for several years and the information was invaluable to me. I have become a better trader and can attribute much of it to Kiana’s programs
HAVE YOU EVER WANTED SOMETHING SO BAD THAT YOU COULD TASTE IT? NOW YOU CAN. Come see for yourself how easy it is to become independently wealthy in the world of finance in your spare time. Learn how you can leverage your feminine skills into a money making machine. Invest Diva WILL SHOW YOU HOW WOMEN DO IT!
Online Trading Success
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
300 Pages of Awesomeness
  • Eight TIME PROVEN secrets in beating the boys of Wall Street at their own game.
  • Best practices in managing emotional trading, using crowd psychology methods 
  • Methods to make money even on a losing trade.
  • The smartest short- and long-term strategies
  • Why social, political and cultural events shape trading
  • Best practices for navigating the economic calendar and fundamentals behind investing
  • Ins and Outs of Technical Analysis using relatable metaphors you'll never forget
  • what boys of Wall Street DON'T want you to know
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