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"I wish I had joined the group 6 months ago!" - Calvin
  •    Timely trading signals
  •    First-hand investing advice
  •    Choose strategies based on your risk tolerance
  •    Chat with Kiana in discussion group
  •   Attend live market analysis webinars 
  •   Ask investing questions  
  •   Get personalized, applicable answers
  •   Create winning strategies
  What Markets are Covered in the Group?
  •    Forex
  •    Stocks
  •    ETFs
  •   Cryptocurrencies
  How are the Strategies Developed & Provided?
  •    Kiana conducts extensive research on the markets above.
  •    She chooses the best forex pairs, stocks or ETFs that you can add to your portfolio.
  •    She conducts the IDDA* approach to strategy development.
  •    Kiana shares her observations on Facebook messenger, or during live trading sessions.
  •    She provides the level of riskiness of that particular investment strategy.
  •    You can make a decision if that strategy is suitable for your portfolio.
  •    If you have any questions, just ask Kiana in the discussion group!
  You'll Also Get ...
  •    Suggested levels to execute your order
  •    Suggested levels to Take profit
  •    Suggested levels for Stop Losses (if necessary) 
* IDDA is the Invest Diva Diamond Analysis. It means analyzing the markets from 5 points of the Invest Diva Diamond: Fundamentals, Technicals, Market Sentiment, Capital, and Overall. 
Do You Have Difficulty with
Reaching Your Investing Goals?
If so, you should keep reading. But let’s make sure we really clear this up.

Who This  
Group is For?

  • Individuals with a full-time job who want to GROW WEALTH by investing in the stocks, ETFs or Forex markets
  • Stay-at-home parents and retirees who want to implement a proven IDDA STRATEGY for making their money work for them
  • Traders who want to access the most CUTTING-EDGE strategies and tactics working today and into the future.
  • Driven individuals who believe knowledge is POWER and taking action gets results.

Who This  
Group is Not For?

  • High-frequency traders, scalpers, day traders or BitCoin miners. (I love you guys, but this model just won’t work well for you, since our strategies are mainly medium to long-term).
  • People who want to get rich as quickly as possible. (Hint: that mindset doesn’t work!).
  • Anyone who wants instant results just because they joined without taking real action and implementing what I teach you.
Now we need to talk about a couple “myths” that I also faced when I first started my journey as an investor

Myth #1

It Worked For Them, But it Won’t Work For Me
Because….[INSERT B.S.].
If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you are hurting yourself with some pretty bad B.S. (Belief Systems).

You see...with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.

The reality is things take TIME...

When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken — it means you need to “pivot” or “iterate” and shift.

The strategies I teach WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to pivot and shift when necessary.

I know one thing for sure, and that is that nothing beats EXPERIENCE.

Accessing someone else’s proven methods is a shortcut, because rather than failing on your own you can learn from their failures and experiences.

Myth #2

I need a lot of money to truly grow my wealth
and implement trading tactics.
When I first started to trade in the forex market I was a college student—in my early 20s.

I had already been burned once by a money manager, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was what you’d call a “scrappy trader” and was simply bootstrapping my portfolio.

No funding, no big budgets. Just me and a laptop.

I’ve learned a lot since then, and if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I can’t stand OVERPAYING for anything. I love a good deal and strategies that pay more value.
How Do You Know For Sure
My Strategies Work?
I've maintained a transparent track-record of 12% - 234% return for almost a decade. I also have developed trading strategies for these companies:
These are some of those who seek my expert market opinion
“My husband was skeptical of me joining the group and had only given me permission to try it out for 3 months. 

He now understands how profitable it is for me to be a member of the Group. So I'm not going anywhere!”

– Darlene Hemple

"The advice offered by Kiana is superb and the customer service is amazing. 

The response to any query is amazingly quick, even if it is out of normal working hours. I can't recommend Invest Diva enough" 

- Robin Shepheard
I have tried a number of sites to help me with my trading - Invest Diva by a long margin is the best. 

We get down to the business of trading with none of the normal slide-shows. Thanks Kiana.

– Michael J Craig 

  • Majority of trading signal providers are Introducing Brokers (or IBs)
  •  That means, they are hooked up with one or more brokers who pay them commission if they can get traders to trade more often
  •  Invest Diva is NOT an IB
  •  Our trading signals are UN-BIASED
  •  We don't push you onto unnecessary trades that can increase your risk of losing money
  •  Kiana has over a decade of proven investment experience
  •  Her annual Return is anywhere between 12% - 453%
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About Invest Diva's Founder, Kiana Danial
CEO and Founder of Invest Diva, Kiana Danial is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert. She is a highly sought-after professional speaker, author and executive coach who delivers inspirational workshops and seminars to corporations, universities and entrepreneurial groups. She is a frequent expert on many TV and radio stations and has reported on the financial markets directly from the floor of NYSE and NASDAQ. She is a weekly investment expert guest on Tokyo’s #1 Investment TV Show. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, CNN, Forbes, The Street, – and numerous other publications.
At a young age, she has won numerous awards including Women of Influence Honoree by New York Business Journal in 2016, Education Tools Best in Class at Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2016, Best Financial Education Provider at Shanghai Forex Expo in 2014, New York Business Women of Influence Honoree in 2016, and Pro Bono Humanitarian Award by IA Bar Association in 2013.
Born and raised in Iran as a religious minority, she was awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government to study Electrical Engineering in Japan, where she obtained two degrees in Electrical Engineering and researched on Quantum Physics in classes conducted in the Japanese language. Being the only girl and foreigner in her classes made her decide to dedicate her life to empowering minorities, especially women in the male dominated industries.

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