One-on-One Coaching with Invest Diva
Strictly Your Time
Pick your investment topic. Get an hour dedicated to it.
$597/ 30 minutes
We Respect Your Privacy & Information
Get On Top of Your Investments. Fast.
Check Your Financial Health
Create an Investment Strategy
Build a WINNING Portfolio
Get On Top of Your Investments. Fast.
Check Your Financial Health
Create an Investment Strategy
Build a WINNING Portfolio
Get an hour dedicated to you with Kiana Online
Pick a financial topic
Ask questions
Get Fast & Applicable Answers
Ask The Right Questions
Your finances are private. Gather all the questions you may have about your portfolio, investing techniques and wealth management. Get a timely answer.
Based on your financial needs, Kiana will help you develop your financial plan, analyze your risk tolerance and create an investment portfolio that matches your needs.
Monitor Your Progress
Tune in periodically to ensure you are right on track with your plans. Learn how to monitor your own financial health without the help of a money manager.
  • Get first hand investment advice from Kiana, before she talks about it on the media
  • Stay motivated every time you are down. Kiana is a proven positivity booster.
  • Free entry to all Invest Diva Live Events, FOREVER ($1,000+ value)
  • Priority seating at live events, FOREVER ($1,000+ value)
  • Closed premium Facebook group ONLY for Invest Diva insiders. No spams. No Sales. No patronizing. Pure Investing Communication. (Save $599/ Year)
Here’s What Students Are Saying:

Miriam Payne, Teacher

Taking Kiana's financial therapy class was the best investment I have ever made. She guided me in the right financial direction, helped me build an amazing portfolio and taught me how to manage it myself without ever having to visit a money manager. I recommend Kiana's classes to anyone who is looking to invest or build a financial plan.

Chris, Pharmacy Technician

I was a struggling trader before I started Kiana's classes. I was trading on a daily basis and though I was losing,  
I would still struggle to look for money and go back to trade again. Kiana helped me build a financial plan, calculate my risk appetite, and create a trading strategy that was sustainable. If it wasn't for Kiana's guidance, I would have continued my greedy path and lost all my money. Now I'm building real wealth. Thank you for your weekly sessions. 

Melissa Andrews, Single Mom

I don’t make a single investing move without Kiana’s guidance! It is amazing how I only make money when Kiana has approved the strategy during our private lessons.
YES! I'm ready to learn and transform my wealth by making money
 $597/ 30 minutes
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